Informativa sui rimborsi

Return/Exchange Policy: No refunds, or exchanges will be granted for any reason with the exception of receiving the wrong product. Please refer to the wrong item policy for further instruction.

Wrong Item: At Kandy Kiss Cosmetics we believe that while accidents do happen, it is our job to own them by responding quickly and doing everything in our power to restore the trust that we’ve lost in the process. If you receive your order and it contains the wrong, or missing item please contact us immediately via email at .
In the email please include the following:

- Recipient name, order number, as well as a screenshot of your order summary.

- Also, include a photo upload as a source of proof that the wrong item was received.

Missing Package Policy: If the carrier has deemed that your order has been delivered to the address on file, but you have not received it please check your respective leasing office and/or front desk if possible. If your parcel is still not found please contact us via email at for further instructions on how to file a missing package claim via proper shipping service. 

- Please note that when you place an order with Kandy Kiss Cosmetics, you agree to follow the proper protocol in the event of a missing package case.

- WARNING: do not place a chargeback request before reaching out to our team, as this may forget your chances of receiving a refund.

Product Swap Request:

If an order is placed, and the respective customer immediately alters his/her mind towards wanting another product of the same value in place of the original, we are open to granting swap requests.

- Swap Requests can be placed via email at within 24 hours of placing order. After 24 hours your order can not be changed. 

- Please use “Swap Request” in the subject line.

- Please note that the request may only be granted before the order has shipped.

- There is no guarantee that your swap request will be granted upon contact. If your request is granted, you will receive an email confirmation.

- The new item(s) requested must be of equal value and quantity of the original item(s) ordered.